Piled up trash in public spaces, floating debris on fairways, oil spills on arable land, decimation of wild and marine life, deforestation and encroaching desert.  These are the kinds of environmental problems confronting our planet and specifically our local environment in Nigeria. On face value, these problems seem overwhelming and appear to call for complex solutions. A simple change in attitudes towards our environment will go a long way in resolving them.

Green house gases such as carbon dioxide from burnt fossil fuels and methane gas from piled up trash serve to trap heat in the atmosphere leading to a rise in average surface temperatures. The range of effects include accelerated melting of the ice shelf, rising sea levels, warm and increasingly acidic  oceans, changes in rainfall patterns, hurricanes, wild fires, etc.
Marine Environmental Protection and Cleanup Foundation has partnered with Green Earth NP (greenearthclimate.org) to:
  1. Organize local businesses to assist community youth in clearing trash from public spaces and floating debris on waterways
  2. Propagate proper handling of petroleum products as well as engage in waste oil and plastics roundups for recycling.
  3. Mobilize volunteer clusters to restore arable land and plankton integrity in areas decimated by oil spills.
  4. Assemble a resilient and high efficiency solar cooker for distribution in deforested communities and inner cities reliant on kerosene.
  5. Operate seedling farms for reforestation plants.
  6. Organize community reintegration and rehabilitation seminars for ex militants while providing workshop skills training to participants
Please visit greenearthclimate.org for additional information regarding our joint efforts as well as make a contribution to assist our work.